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As detailed in New York State Penal Law Article 220, there are a variety of drug crimes prosecuted in Nassau County which typically involve the possession, distribution or manufacturing of illicit substances. Currently, there are a number of substance that have been targeted by law enforcement in Nassau such as heroin, prescription pain medications, cocaine, amphetamines, designer drugs and MDMA. Prosecutors in Nassau County have initiatives designed to deter the use of these substances by implementing harsh plea bargain policies.

Our Nassau County Criminal Defense Team has handled hundreds of drug cases including felony, misdemeanor, Federal, State, possession, sale and manufacturing charges. We have obtained acquittals on drug charges as well as reduced and non criminal plea bargains. Often, we are able to place clients in treatment programs as an alternative to jail on misdemeanor and felony drug cases in the Nassau County and Suffolk County criminal courts.

Although prior results do not guarantee similar outcomes, we are happy to discuss our past success and the strategies we previously employed and allow you to determine whether our Nassau County Criminal Lawyers are sufficiently skilled and experienced to handle your drug case.

If you or a loved one is charged with a drug crime in Nassau County criminal courts, contact the experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Elbert Law Firm for a free consultation. We will assess your case and your individual circumstances, explain your options and provide you with a strategy to obtain the best possible case results with your Long Island criminal drug charge.

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