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Criminal contempt is charged when a person violates a court order, most commonly an order of protection. Whether a criminal contempt charge is brought as a felony or misdemeanor depends on the specific circumstances and allegations. The various degrees of criminal contempt are defined in Article 215 of New York State Penal Law.

Criminal contempt is a serious and often complicated charge. However, there are legal defenses and mitigating factors that can be raised to avoid a criminal conviction and protect your rights. If you or a loved one is charged with criminal contempt, you should contact an experienced Nassau County criminal contempt attorney immediately.

At the Elbert Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers have successfully handled hundreds of criminal contempt cases at trial and through plea bargaining. We have obtained numerous dismissals and non-criminal dispositions on contempt charges in the Nassau County criminal courts.

Please contact us for a free consultation. We are happy to discuss our prior success with criminal contempt charges, the strategies we employed, and our plan for obtaining the best possible result in your case.

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